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Payment & Insurance

Australian residents are eligible to receive free health care regardless of your financial situation through Medicare. However, if you are not a resident of Australia, you will have to pay the full cost of your health care as soon as is practical. This payment can be made either in cash or by credit card. Other payment options include compensation insurance (such as Workers Compensation). Patients can also utilise their private health Insurance for payment (see below).  

For more information on Balmain Hospital Fees and Charges, please contact our Admissions Department using the below details: 

During business hours (8am to 4.30pm)

Finance Department  

 02 9395 2115 or 02 9395 2111 

After business hours and weekends:

General Practice Casualty

 02 9395 2155

Pay Online 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a private patient?

If you have private health insurance, here is some information to help you decide whether to be admitted as a privately insured patient. 

When can I decide to be a private patient?

You can decide to be a private patient before, during or after your stay in hospital. 

Who can I talk to about becoming a private patient?

Balmain Hospital’s Private Patient Officer is your main point of contact and can check your health fund coverage and advise you of your options.

Hospital Admission, Emergency Administration and Ward Clerical staff can also help with some enquires related to private health insurance or they can be you in contact with the private patient officer. 

Balmain Hospital’s Private Patient Officer can be contacted on 02 9395 2114. 

What about excess and co-payment fees? 

At Balmain Hospital, you do not have to pay any hospital charges at all. The Hospital waives all excess and co-payment fees.  

You will not have any out-of-pocket expenses for hospital generated accounts for accommodation, prosthesis, pathology and radiology.  

What about bills? 

With our simplified billing system, you will not receive any bills from the hospital. All claims to Medicare and your health fund will be processed automatically on your behalf. If you have any concerns about your billing, please contact the Private Patient Officer.

Once hospital accounts are paid, you will receive a patient claim statement from your health fund. 

Can I have a single room if I want one? 

Because the clinical needs of patients always come first, there is no guarantee that you will be given a single room or that you will remain in it throughout your stay in hospital. However, as a private patient, you will have preferential access to a single room if you request one, and staff will do their best to keep you in a single room if you are given one. 

Most health funds cover patients for a single room in a public hospital (the Private Patient Officer can check this for you). 

Where does the money from my health fund go? 

Money received from health funds is given directly to the Hospital, helping provide services to all patients. 

Are there any other benefits to being a private patient in Balmain Hospital?

As well as directly supporting Balmain Hospital, you will receive free local telephone calls, access to the patient entertainment system and potential admission into a single room.