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RPA Hospital wins diversity and inclusion award

RPA’s Emergency Department has been recognised for its efforts to drive inclusion for patients and staff.  

SydneyConnect Video: RPA Hospital's Emergency Department has received a diversity and inclusion award.

Efforts by RPA Hospital to create a more inclusive experience for emergency department patients and staff have been recognised with a prestigious award.  

The emergency department was awarded the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine's Diversity and Inclusion Award 2022 at a ceremony in Canberra in November 2023 for its work to drive inclusion for LGBTIQ+ patients and staff, improve accessibility for people living with disability and promote greater cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.    

"Our aim for the Emergency Department is that it is a safe and welcoming space for our staff and the community we care for," Dr Rebecca Davis, Emergency Staff Specialist said.   

The District provides healthcare services to a uniquely diverse community, and several of the suburbs within its boundaries represent the highest proportions of same-sex couples in Australia.   

"We want our patients, their carers and families to know that the community they live in is reflected inside the hospital, and we are listening and constantly trying to improve our practice in the Emergency Department through cultural change, education and changes to the physical environment,” Dr Davis added.  

"We are so proud of all our staff, and receiving this award motivates us to keep looking for ways to improve."   

Inclusion measures adopted by the emergency department include education and training about the LGBTIQ+ community's unique healthcare needs, introducing new Aboriginal Health Practitioners and Health Worker roles, installing local Aboriginal art and improving accessibility to support staff and patients living with a disability. 

With one of Australia's biggest LGBTIQ+ communities, Sydney Local Health District has a long history of supporting diverse populations and was the first local health district in New South Wales with a dedicated role to improve health services for LGBTIQ+ people.  

The District’s longstanding partnership with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council and Aboriginal Medical Service Redfern are key to its efforts to close the gap in access to healthcare and better health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.