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Training supports career growth for RPA staff member

Elyta Martin named as finalist for training award.

Woman wearing mask with patient in hospital.
SydneyConnect Image: Elyta Martin with a patient at RPA.

Elyta Martin enjoys putting her all into her work at RPA Hospital. 

“I love the nurturing nature of what I do and the positive impact we have on the community,” she said.  

“I’m a people person – I love that I can help patients and that I get to interact with them, their relatives and staff across the hospital.”  

Elyta has almost 30 years of experience at RPA, first as a Ward Administration Officer in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and more recently in her new role as a Patient Liaison Officer.  

Her work includes helping patients make informed decisions about being admitted privately via their health insurance and assisting overseas patients to navigate the health system.  

She undertook a Certificate III in Health Administration at Sydney Education, our District’s centre for education and workforce development, which she said gave her the courage to go for the job.  

“By doing the course, I gained a sense of confidence in myself” she said.  

“Getting a qualification can really open doorways in your career.”  

Now, Elyta’s been recognised for her efforts, having been selected as a finalist for Vocational Student of the Year in the NSW Training Awards in the Central and Northern Sydney Region, which took place recently.  

She was surprised to be nominated, she admits, but is pleased that Sydney Education is being highlighted as a training centre.  

“I would highly recommend it. The team there creates a safe learning space and are very supportive.”  

Elyta’s nomination was well-deserved, said Rebecca Grimes, Workforce Development Consultant at Sydney Education.  

“Elyta is an incredible and authentic worker, which she has shown throughout her time in the Certificate III in Health Administration,” she said.  

“She consistently produced high-quality, informed work throughout, which was able to be transferred back to the workplace.”  

It’s a privilege as an educator to be able to support staff in their learning, Rebecca added.  

“Education can help to shape career pathways, build confidence and professional agency, and open doors to opportunity.   

“Further, it can assist people to see the wealth of potential within themselves, and the value that they have to offer to our patients, our teams and the workforce at large.”  

Courses at Sydney Education are available to all District staff. Please see the website for full details - https://slhd.health.nsw.gov.au/sydney-education