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Sydney Education training facility launches

Staff welcome new hub for District learning .

Sydney Education Director Lesley Innes is standing on a stage speaking from a lectern to a seated audience. On either side of Lesley is a screen that reads Think, Learn, Grow.
SydneyConnect Image: Lesley Innes, Sydney Education Director, addresses a crowd at the launch of the new professional development and training centre.

Sydney Education has officially launched.   

Established in 2005 as the Centre for Education and Workforce Development, the revamped Sydney Education is part of the District’s investment to expand professional development and training opportunities for staff.  

“It is really exciting to be able to officially launch Sydney Education,” District Chief Executive Dr Teresa Anderson said.  

“Our staff in Sydney Local Health District work each day to make a difference in the lives of the people that they serve. 

“We have people who come to us when they are at their most vulnerable and so we need to have at all times really highly skilled, compassionate staff and I believe in Sydney Local Health District that’s what we have.”  

Sydney Education offers professional development courses and training programs to District clinical and non-clinical staff across the year, in areas such as clinical practice, leadership and management, work health and safety. 

Since its inception, the training facility has shifted from a traditional classroom style to one that incorporates all aspects of professional growth and development, keeping up with education trends and emphasising the translation of skills into the workplace. 

The announced Lived Experience Educator Program is an exciting new initiative that builds on this positive transformation. 

The 26 educators are patients, carers, and advocates who represent the diverse District community, and will use their unique perspective to design and build an integrated curriculum.  

“Education provides opportunities, it’s something we can all do and should all do throughout our lives,” Sydney Education Director Lesley Innes said.  

“We have diverse backgrounds, but we all have in common our commitment to the development of others.” 

Over the next five years through the Sydney Education Strategic Plan 2023 – 2028, staff will prioritise delivering innovative learning experiences that enable excellence in healthcare, give staff the tools to become transformational leaders and better connect with the community. 

The newly launched strategic plan aligns with the Sydney Local Health District Strategic Plan and the NSW Future Health Plan, with seven priorities that underpin the excellent education services offered to staff. 

“We also know how important it is for learning to be lifelong. We are dedicated to encouraging staff to engage with us and grow their capabilities and skills through officially recognised programs,” said Lesley.  

“I am excited for the future of Sydney Education. The skills and learning will empower our staff and ensure the District has a strong culture of learning,” District Executive Director Workforce and Corporate Operations Gina Finocchiaro said. 

Sydney Education was launched during Sydney Innovation Week, a week-long showcase of our District’s staff, ideas, and research.