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Patients benefit from new digital portal

Florence helps patients to be partners in their own care. 

Woman using digital kiosk in clinic.

In one of Australia’s busiest hospital departments, a new tech solution is making patient care more efficient.  

RPA’s Orthopaedics Department sees hundreds of patients each day.  

These patients are now benefiting from Florence, a digital service that helps patients manage their own appointment information and communicate with their clinic.  

Florence has proven to be a hit with patients, receiving a 92 per cent positive feedback rate from users since its rollout.  

Users have noted the ability to check upcoming appointments online and reducing time spent in queues on arrival as some of Florence’s best features.  

“Florence has been an enormous help,” said Cleo Myerscough, Group Supervisor for Orthopaedics, Plastics and Pain Management.  

“Patients used to wait down the block for their appointment, but now thanks to Florence, they are able to come and check in as soon as they arrive.  

“It's greatly improved staff efficiency but most importantly, the health journey for our patients.” 

The service, named after one of history’s pioneers of patient care Florence Nightingale, is a Sydney Local Health District initiative.  

It was originally developed in the District during the pandemic to manage appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations.  

It consists of an online patient portal, kiosks in hospital departments for patient check-in and a clinic dashboard that allows staff to communicate with patients.  

Clinics offering Florence can optimise their patient workflow, reduce patient queues, and improve overall efficiency. 

It’s been welcomed by staff at these clinics, where avoiding traditional appointment letters has led to fewer missed appointments, fewer phone calls, reduced paper usage, and increased the accuracy of patient information.

“To put it simply, Florence empowers patients to be partners in care” said Anna Paonne, Florence Program Manager. 

“With Florence, patients can effortlessly access, view and confirm their upcoming appointments, effectively communicate with their clinic, and conveniently manage their healthcare needs."  

Florence is also available in a number of outpatient departments in the District, including the Concord Cancer Centre, the Concord Colorectal Clinic, RPA’s Gastroenterology and Liver Department, and the RPA Women and Babies department.