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New recruits start work in the District

District welcomes new clinicians in Allied Health, Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine.

A registered nurse comforts a patient in their hospital bed.
SydneyConnect Image: Registered nurse Roya Ghorbani Kahrizsangi with a patient at Balmain Hospital.

Roya Ghorbani Kahrizsangi always puts her patients first. 

“The people we take care of are so special. You really get to know them and to understand their condition, and you want to make sure they are happy here,” she said. 

Roya is a newly-graduated Registered Nurse at Balmain Hospital and helps to look after geriatric patients on the John Beasley Ward. 

She has spent the past three years at Balmain, working as an Assistant in Nursing while studying full time to achieve her registration and is excited to be continuing her career there. 

“To me, there is nowhere better. We are very close. The team are like my second family, so I’m really pleased,” she said. 

Also passionate about her work is newly-graduated Occupational Therapist Marissa Bird. 

She works at Concord Centre for Mental Health, where she aims to help her patients regulate their emotions by encouraging them to engage in therapeutic activities such as painting and pottery. 

“My time here so far has been exciting. I have found the team to be extremely welcoming and supportive,” she said. 

Roya and Marissa are just two of the dozens of newly-graduated clinicians who have joined Sydney Local Health District in 2023. 

The District has welcomed 43 graduate Allied Health professionals, 128 new Registered Nurses and 11 Midwives across its hospitals, facilities and services so far this year. 

The new intake also includes more than 100 junior medical officers. 

Among them are Sudarshan Arvind and Yeon Jae Kim who have landed placements at Concord Hospital. 

“I did my internship at Concord as a medical student, so I’m interested to see how it's going to change now that I’m there as an intern,” Sudarshan said. 

Yeon Jae is also enthusiastic about embarking on a career at the hospital. 

“I’ve heard brilliant things about Concord. It has an excellent basic physician training program, so I’m very excited to learn new things and start our careers,” Yeon Jae said.  

The District’s Chief Executive Dr Teresa Anderson welcomed the new recruits. 

“It’s wonderful to have so many new clinicians in Allied Health, Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine joining our ranks and contributing to the delivery of high-quality patient care across our District,” Dr Anderson said.