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Professional Development and Training

For Interpreters and Translators

Sydney Health Care Interpreter Service strives to deliver high quality services by providing the best qualified interpreters and translators. Under the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) Certification Scheme, all practicing interpreters and translators need to meet certain requirements to be eligible for recertification every three years. Professional development is one of these requirements for recertification. It is also a cornerstone for the profession. To aid our practicing interpreters and translators, especially in health settings, we have a wide range of professional development workshops and courses that aim to help our interpreters and translators to maintain and enhance their interpreting and translation skills, as well as their professional conduct. 

More professional development events can be found at: 

For Health Care Workers

Sydney Health Care Interpreter Service can provide in-services training and information sessions catered to the requirements of your department. Please contact us for more information.