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Book an interpreter

Bookings can only be made by health care providers.

For patients, their families or carers who need an interpreter, please ask your health care provider to organise one for you.

To book an interpreter appointment within 7 days, please call 1800 477 233. For other bookings, complete the online request form.

 Interpreter Booking Request form

Information you will need when booking an appointment


  • Please be as specific as possible. For example, request specifically Cantonese or Mandarin and not Chinese. Country of birth is not adequate information as many countries have more than one language in use.

  • To check languages please refer to the Languages of the World resource at the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service.


  • Date and time of appointment.

  • Duration of appointment.


  • Name of service or clinic.

  • Location of appointment (e.g., bed number, meeting room or exact address for home visits).


  • Name and contact number of the health care provider.


  • Purpose of appointment (e.g., consent for procedure, crisis situation, RUDAS Test, cataract surgery).

Patient details

  • Patient's full name, MRN, gender and date of birth.

Staff details

  • Contact number and email address.

Telehealth or phone connecting requirement (if applicable)

  • How you would like to connect this phone call: 

    • Clinician to call interpreter.

    • Clinician to call interpreter and patient.

    • Clinician to call Service Centre on 1800 477 233 and select option 2 to connect when ready.

    • Our Service Centre to connect all parties.

Videoconference platform (if applicable)

  • Type of platform you plan to use: myVirtualCare, Pexip, Zoom or MS Teams.

  • All relevant information and instructions for our Interpreter to connect into the videoconference at the booked time.