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Information for Scholarship Applicants

The following information is for applicants of the Sydney Scholarship Program.

Scholarships are offered by Sydney Local Health District as part of a partnership between Sydney Education (the District’s Education Service) and the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

Applicants should review this information as well as the qualification details provided on the UTAS website. 

Any questions about this program should be directed to Lesley Innes, Director, Sydney Education on lesley.innes@health.nsw.gov.au


  • Scholarship applications open on Wednesday 1 May 2024
  • Scholarship applications close on Friday 7 June 2024
  • Scholarship recipients will be informed by Monday 17 June 2024 and must have completed their University of Tasmania application process by Sunday 30 June 2024

Qualifications offered

The following qualifications are being offered as part of the Sydney Scholarship Program:

  • Graduate Diploma of Advanced Practice (Healthcare Education) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Advanced Practice (Governance) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Advanced Practice (Health Service Improvement) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Advanced Practice (Organisational Performance) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Advanced Practice (Workplace Psychology) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Advanced Practice (Strategic Communication) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Advanced Practice (Supply Chain Logistics) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Advanced Practice (Dementia) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Leadership (Health and Human Services) 
  • Graduate Diploma of Public Health 
  • Graduate Diploma of Clinical Pharmacy 

Scholarships are not transferrable to other qualifications offered by UTAS or any other education provider.

Conversion to Masters Level Qualification 

All of the qualifications, including the Graduate Diploma of Advanced Practice specialisation qualifications, can be converted to a Masters Level qualification with the completion of four additional units. This would be undertaken at the participants own cost.  

Scholarship term

Your scholarship is for a two-year period only.

If you complete eight subjects (or 100 credit points) during this two-year period, then your scholarship will cover you for a Graduate Diploma level qualification. If you complete four units then you may exit the scholarship with a Graduate Certificate.

Participants may choose to complete additional units at their own cost to convert to a Masters level qualification.

Personal contribution

Students are responsible for paying their own Student Contribution.

All scholarship recipients are expected to make a personal contribution towards the cost of their qualification by paying the Student Services and Amenities Fee.

This is approximately $200 per annum for the two-year scholarship period.

Scholarship recipients are also expected to meet the cost of any study resources required for the program, for example the purchase of any textbooks.


To be eligible to receive a Sydney Local Health District Scholarship you need to fulfil the eligibility requirements for both Sydney Local Health District and the University of Tasmania.

Sydney Local Health District Eligibility

You must be:

  1. An Australian resident or citizen
  2. A permanent employee of the Sydney Local Health District and have worked for the District for at least two years (equivalent full time)

The University of Tasmania Eligibility

The University of Tasmania eligibility requirements for qualifications offered through the Sydney Scholarship Program are detailed on the UTAS website.

Application process

Sydney Local Health District Application Process

  1. Complete Sydney Scholarship Program Application Form
  2. Line manager to complete Sydney Scholarship Program Referee Report
  3. Send your Application Form and Referee Report to the Facility/District Executive for endorsement
  4. The following completed documents should then be sent to lesley.innes@health.nsw.gov.au
    • Scholarship Application Form
    • Scholarship Program Referee Report
    • Curriculum Vitae

The University of Tasmania Application Process

If you have been successful in your scholarship application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to register with UTAS to complete the qualification. This must be completed by Sunday 30 June 2024

You will need to supply the following documents so please ensure that these are easily accessible:

  • Australian Passport or Certificate of Citizenship or Australian Birth Certificate
  • Transcripts and testamurs for all academic qualifications
  • Curriculum Vitae

Study Leave Requirements

As a recipient of a Sydney Local Health District Scholarship you are entitled to the following study leave:

  1. Study leave to complete any face to face/virtual workshops
  2. One additional study day per subject, per semester to assist with completion of your university course work. If you are taking one subject in a semester then you are entitled to one additional study day.  

Your manager will need to sign off on all study leave requests. 

Workplace Projects

As part of the return on investment for the District, all scholarship recipients are expected to undertake a workplace project over the duration of their scholarship that benefits the District. More information will be provided to recipients once they have been enrolled in their qualification.

Academic Performance

All scholarship recipients are required to pay the costs in full of any units failed during the scholarship period.

Employment Status with Sydney Local Health District

This scholarship is only available while the recipient is an employee of Sydney Local Health District. If a recipient leaves the District during the two-year scholarship program, then the scholarship ceases. This scholarship is not transferrable if you move to another Local Health District.