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Suicide Detection, Assessment & Management for Non-Mental Health Staff

bookmark Course category: Mental Health
timer Duration: 8 hours

feed Study mode: Face to face

info Pre-requisites: n/a

About this course

The workshop aims to provide you opportunities to increase your awareness and skills in the detection, assessment and management of people experiencing suicidality.

Who should attend?

This course is appropriate for any staff member (both clinical and non-clinical) who work in non-mental health environments who wish to increase their understanding of the detection and management of persons who may be displaying or expressing suicidal ideation.

What will you learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Explore a broader consideration of the suicidal experience. 
  2. Gain awareness of the NSW Ministry of Health Policy and Frameworks for the Management of Suicidal behaviour.
  3. Critically consider statistics that are “known” about suicide and their impact upon both the wider public perception and the possible management of the suicidal person.
  4. Have the opportunity to review and consider their beliefs and attitudes about suicide in both a personal and work role orientation.
  5. Reflect upon the nature of “duty of care” in relation to suicide.
  6. Consider the notion and integration of “risk” within a risk assessment.
  7. Practice a number of risk assessment strategies and techniques.
  8. Formulate a safety management plan for the suicidal person.
  9. Become aware of the nature and methods of clinical referral.
  10. Be aware of the need for adequate postvention strategies for themselves and survivors of death from suicide.

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