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Social Work

What is Social Work?

Social workers are committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and the community. We assist people by helping them with issues they are experiencing in their everyday lives and linking people with appropriate supports and services.

Social workers can assist you, your family and carers in dealing with emotional, social and practical issues. Social workers are experienced and qualified professionals who practice within the Australian Association of Social Workers’ code of ethics and guidelines.

What Can Social Work Help With?

  •      Child and family support
  •      Domestic violence
  •      Victims Services
  •      Disability support services 
  •      Access to Community resources
  •      Health advocacy 
  •      Mental health support
  •      Support for people who are homeless
  •      Support for with legal issues
  •      Refuge and asylum seeker support
  •      Drug and alcohol counselling and treatment referrals

The Social Worker can provide:

  • Advocacy
  • Short term counselling
  • Referrals to other services
  • Carer support
  • Family support services
  • Support around accessing other health services

Contact Details and Referrals

Please ask your treating clinician or another hospital staff member if you would like to be referred to the Social Worker.

You can also request social work support when you call to make your appointment on 02 9293 3333 or 1300 559 393.

Please note that the Social Worker may not be in every day.