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Department of Prosthetic Laboratories

The Prosthetic Laboratories offers wide range of Lab services to the various Clinics within Sydney Dental Hospital.

The Laboratory produces the following items for patients who attend the hospitals clinics:

  • Dentures, crowns, bridges and implant retained prostheses for patients with missing or damaged teeth
  • Repairs and relines of Dentures
  • Splints for the treatment of jaw dysfunctions or surgical treatments
  • Orthodontic appliances for correction of occlusion or prevention of sports injury
  • Maxillofacial Prostheses for patients requiring facial reconstruction

How can I use this service?

The Laboratory does not provide services direct to the public. Patients must first be seen by their local community oral health clinic to assess their needs and decisions are made on appropriate prosthetic options. If necessary, the clinic will write a referral to a specialist clinic.