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RPA Virtual Hospital (rpavirtual) was established by Sydney Local Health District in February 2020 as the first virtual hospital in Australia. The launch coincided with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic response in Australia.

Our services are delivered through our Virtual Care Centre, Sydney District Nursing and our Integrated Chronic Care team.



District Nursing Service established


Integrated Chronic Care Team established


rpavirtual established as the first virtual hospital in Australia. The Virtual Care Centre opened.


Sydney District Nursing joined rpavirtual


Integrated Chronic Care Team joined rpavirtual


Community based chronic diseases palliative care team established

RPA Virtual Hospital, an Australian first

Whilst rpavirtual offers an innovative new way of providing care to our community, the model builds on our long history of providing excellent care in the community.

Sydney District Nursing, has been providing care in the community for over 120 years with our Integrated Chronic Care Team providing care for almost 25 years.

Virtual Care Centre

The Virtual Care Centre was established in February 2020 as a new way of providing care to our community.

Our team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals provide care through Pods that are fitted out with videoconferencing technology and the ability to remotely monitor patients with wearable devices.

Virtual Check in with Patient
SydneyConnect Image: Virtual Check in with Patient

Just a month after rpavirtual opened its Virtual Care Centre, the new hospital became integral to the COVID-19 pandemic response in NSW. On 5 March 2020, rpavirtual was tasked with developing a COVID-19 model of care. It was developed rapidly in collaboration with Sydney Local Health District infectious diseases, respiratory, emergency medicine and public health specialists. The Virtual Care Centre enrolled its first COVID-19 positive patients on 11 March. Patients were provided with a package of information and wearable devices to support virtual monitoring of their condition. Patients also received virtual clinical assessments from a Virtual Care Centre nurse at prescribed intervals dependent on their level of risk.

Over the next the next three years, rpavirtual continued to play a central role in NSW’s pandemic response as well as introducing a range of new virtual clinics.

Today, rpavirtual is Australia’s leading virtual care hospital and delivers a range of hospital level care in the community to improve the patient experience, and support patients to avoid unnecessary hospital presentations and admissions.

Sydney District Nursing

Sydney District Nursing home visit 1982
SydneyConnect Image: Sydney District Nursing home visit, 1982

Since 1900, Sydney District Nursing has provided compassionate and comprehensive nursing care to patients in their homes and in local health clinics. The aim of the service is to provide excellent healthcare that meets the needs of patients and supports them to maintain their independence and stay in their own homes. Our nurses work closely with general practitioners (GPs) and medical specialists.

Integrated Chronic Care Team

Our Integrated Chronic Care Teams include Cardiac Chronic Care, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Coaching, Respiratory Chronic Care and Palliative Care for patients with specific chronic conditions.

Our Cardiac and Respiratory Teams were established in Sydney Local Health District in 2001 for people with chronic conditions at risk of unplanned hospital stays and/or Emergency Department visits. The aim of the service is to provide education and support to patients with chronic heart and lung disease. Specialist nurses monitor and provide education to patients and regularly communicate with patients' General Practitioners, Respiratory Specialists and Cardiologists.

The community-based Chronic Disease Palliative Care Team was established in June 2022. The Chronic Disease Palliative Care Team aims to enhance community care for people with late-stage progressive and chronic conditions and disability. This team provides specialised Allied Health and Nursing care and support for patients and their carers and family members at home.