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Clinical Supervision

If you are a clinician working within Sydney Local Health District you have access to group supervision as part of your professional and personal development.

Clinical Supervision
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What is Group Supervision

Group Supervision for Clinicians is a process where a small number of staff (usually 6 -10 members) meet with a facilitator to reflect on clinical and professional practice. Participants have the  opportunity both to reflect on the complex human and ethical issues within the workplace as well as provide support for one another. Overall, this can help improve the wellbeing of participants as well as impacting positively on patient care.

Sessions last 60-90 minutes and occur on a monthly basis.


The benefits of Group Supervision include increased self-awareness, development of knowledge and confidence, effective problem-solving and decision-making skills, promotion of best practice, increased job satisfaction, reduction in professional isolation, work related stress and emotional fatigue.

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