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Arterie is an international award-winning Arts in Health Program that delivers creative arts for health.

Arterie Workshop, March Arts
SydneyConnect Image: Arterie Workshop, March Arts

Arterie at RPA designs bespoke art engagements for patients, carers, volunteers and staff, including visual, creative, performing, literary and digital.

We support clinical care by normalising the hospital experience and environment, easing the side effects of illness, such as stress, fatigue, isolation and depression. The participatory and observatory programs provide a distraction from treatment and a less clinical environment by utilising and activating public spaces within healthcare buildings.

Carterie Program

The Carterie Program is a one on one mobile studio program for patients in our treatment and clinical spaces. We offer guidance and art packs for art making, art education, music and poetry writing – projects can be completed independently or with the support of the "Carterist". The completed artworks are often photographed to create digital collections. These collections provide inspiration for others to participate.

Workshop Program

The Workshop Program provides education in art history and skill building. We can tailor our workshops to the needs of patients and staff. The group model offers live music, social inclusion, shared experiences and creative learning opportunities. 

Artist in Residence Program

The Artist in Residence Program provides an opportunity to engage with a professional artist in the Main Foyer of RPA Hospital. The artist shares their skills, techniques and concepts with patients, staff and visitors. The completed work are displayed as part of the hospital collection for a period of time. 

Annual Training Program

We offer an Annual Training Program in the design and delivery of art in health and all three of our core programs – Carterie, Workshop and Artist in Residence. The program includes professional development practices and arts health administration experience. The program provides hospital based experience for students, clinical and arts professionals who are studying or practicing arts and health.