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The Public Health Unit has statutory responsibilities under the NSW Public Health Act 2010 and associated regulations to protect the health of the Sydney Local Health District population regarding infectious diseases, environmental health, and immunisation. 

The Unit has a key role in identifying and controlling issues of public health concern within the District.


In the Sydney area, the first public health programs occurred in 1788, with many government bodies responsible for the delivery of services. The administration of public health has been the responsibility of many bodies. Initially the responsibility of the Department of Public Health in 1904, administration then shifted to the Board of Health in the mid-1900s, before shifting again to the NSW Health Commission in 1973, and the NSW Department of Health in 1982. 

The purpose of the Public Health Unit has remained relatively constant since its formation: to protect and monitor the health of the district’s population and to respond to any concerns that may threaten it.

Strategic Plan

Our Executive Team

The Public Health Unit consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals from a range of backgrounds. This includes administration, immunisation, communicable diseases, environmental health, and epidemiology. The Public Health Unit works together to analyse and address public health concerns within the district.

Clinical Director Dr Leena Gupta

General Manager

Dr George Johnson
Deputy Clinical Director Dr Isabel Hess
Operations Manager Kylie Wright
Communicable Disease Staff Specialist Dr Zeina Najjar
Immunisation Staff Specialist Dr Johanne Cochrane
Communicable Diseases Team Manager Andrew Ingleton
Environmental Health Team Manager Jody Houston
Epidemiology Team Manager David Kennedy
Immunisation Team Manager Francesca Figg