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LGBTIQ+ Health

Sydney Local Health District is home to one of Australia's biggest LGBTIQ+ communities and is committed to delivering the NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy 2022-2027.

Population Health team
SydneyConnect Image: Population Health staff.

Our large workforce consists of LGBTIQ+ community members, families and allies. We provide health services to one of the largest LGBTIQ+ populations in NSW.

How we support the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ+ communities

We have a long history of supporting the health of LGBTIQ+ communities in a range of service areas and settings. Including our HIV response from the outset of the epidemic in Sydney with HIV testing and treatment; HIV Community Allied Health services; the only HIV Dementia residential facility in the world; and hosting the state-wide Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service and Pozhet Service for heterosexual people living with HIV.

We are proud to support our LGBTIQ+ families and young people through our Rainbow Families Antenatal classes and our Youthblock youth health service. 

We value and work closely with our LGBTIQ+ community partners – The Gender Centre, ACON and Twenty 10.

The NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy

The NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy 2022-2027 provides direction to all NSW Health organisations and staff, to deliver the best care to LGBTIQ+ people and work with them to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. This includes the health, wellbeing and safety of our health staff who are LGBTIQ+.

NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy 2022-2027
SydneyConnect Image: NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy 2022-2027.

The Strategy’s vision is for LGBTIQ+ people in NSW to receive high quality, safe, inclusive and responsive healthcare that delivers outcomes that matter to them.

Priority population focus areas under the strategy include:

  • LGBTIQ+ consumers and carers
  • Trans and gender diverse people
  • Trans and gender diverse young people
  • LGBTIQ+ people experiencing mental health and at risk of suicide
  • Intersex people

Leading on LGBTIQ+ inclusion in healthcare

Sydney Local Health District was the first in NSW with a dedicated role to improve health services for LGBTIQ+ people.

As part of our LGBTIQ+ inclusion work we will:

  • Identify and progress strategies to address priority areas for LGBTIQ+ inclusion.
  • Look for opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ+ communities through health prevention, promotion, research and partnerships.
  • Engage with members of the LGBTIQ+ community.
  • Improve our services, and increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of our staff to be more LGBTIQ+ inclusive.
  • Increasing skills and knowledge of staff.
  • Become an employer of choice for LGBTIQ+ people wanting to work in health services.

Key services for the LGBTIQ+ community