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The Pitch

The Pitch Honour Roll

Since The Pitch began in 2014, there have been 85 winners from more than 320 entries from departments across the District. More than $2 million dollars has been invested, helping staff bring their innovative ideas to life.

We’ve heard ideas for high-tech equipment, programs, apps, wellness programs, therapy gardens and grounds, training and design. All ideas that better the patient experience of care, increase staff satisfaction, has a proactive approach to support the community and reduces cost to the organisation are considered.

See below and learn a bit more about our previous successful Pitch winners.

Round 30 – July 2024

Winner Description Prize
Maryssa Portelli

The Comprehensive Psychiatric Service for Prader Willi Syndrome

This initiative proposes the establishment of a clinic for the management of patients with Prader Willi Syndrome. An Australian first, uniquely RPA experience. 


Grace Vu

Su Kim

ABCs for C.A.L.D.

This initiative proposes the development of a printed and digital resource as well as a series of in-language health education sessions to improve school readiness for children and families from new and emerging communities.


Round 29 – December 2023

Winner Description Prize

Lisa Simone

Nadia Levett

Ricky Lyons

Advancing Jarjums Connections Resources

This initiative encompasses movement, mindfulness, and Aboriginal culture to enrich children's well-being and cultural awareness across NSW local health districts.

Aviv Pudipeddi

A gen-IUS idea

This innovation looks at using intestinal ultrasound (IUS) to enable immediate detection of inflammation and subsequent implementation of treatment for people with inflammatory bowel disease.


Laura Doig

Kim Dunlop

Let's Liven Up Lakemba!

This idea is about purchasing culturally diverse resources to make the Lakemba Health Centre a great space to receive place-based child and family care and enhance community collaboration.



Round 28 – September 2023

Winner Description Prize
Terry Rae

Therapeutic Dragon Taming – Using a Role-Playing Game for Mental Health Recovery

Therapeutic program to facilitate engagement with young people in mental health during their treatment and recovery.

Sarah J Aitken

We are YOUR Surgical Team – A Digital Introduction to Surgery in Sydney Local Health District

This innovation looks at developing a suite of five co-designed Patient Support videos (2-4 minutes each) that address multiple aspects of the surgical patient journey.


Kristine Millar 

Peter Bradhurst

Penicill-IN and Penicill-out!

This innovation looks at de-labelling allergy status, after validated assessment to prevent use of inappropriate or less-effective antibiotics, increased LOS, complications and risk of antimicrobial resistance.

Matthew Peters

Advanced, Innovative Bronchoscopic Lung Biopsy Procedures to Safely Improve Timeliness and Accuracy of Lung Nodules Suspected to be Malignant

This innovation looks at early lung screening using bronchoscopic lung biopsy.

Luke Tran

Corneal Crosslinking for the Kids

This innovation looks at using Corneal Collagen Crosslinking to strengthen the molecular bonds between the corneal collagen effectively halting the progression of keratoconus disease.


Round 27 – July 2023

Winner Description Prize
Douglas Billing

Emergency – Ready to Run (and stop)!

Exploring innovative equipment that is taken to arrest calls, ensuring improved transition of the LUCAS device and swift transfer of patients.

Lucy Wynter

CKD Stewardship: Find, Tell, Act, Refer

This innovation looks at improving strategies to identify, manage and refer patients with CKD.


Round 26 – March 2023

Winner Description Prize
Charles Risbey

Cold, Convenient, and Cheap

A new approach to optimise liver transplantation outcomes at RPA, which is safe and effective, with setup and consumable costing a fraction of those associated with the LiverAssist device.

Paul Clenaghan

Virtual Hospital Care Hubs for People who are Homeless or living in Boarding Houses

Virtual health care for this population by creating virtual hospital outpatient hubs where people who are rough sleeping/ living in Boarding Houses (and other vulnerable population groups) may currently attend or could attend in the future.


Round 25 – December 2022

Winner Description Prize
Benjamin Wan

Operation Sustainability - Recycling in the Operating Theatres

Implementing recycling streams in the operating theatre to encourage recycling and reduce waste being inappropriately disposed of in clinical waste.

Rebecca Lendzion

EagleView Ultrasound – taking it to the limit in patient care

Point-of-care ultrasound is rapid, accurate, repeatable, inexpensive, non-invasive and without the risk of radiation. It can be used in both stable and unstable patients. It can be performed parallel to physical examination, resuscitation, and stabilisation.

Shane Brown

Waterloo Health and Wellbeing Peer Education Project

A community-led project training local people to be information gatherers and health educators, using a peer education model.

Laura Kelly

Trauma informed therapeutic space and resources at Croydon CHC for Children and Families who have experienced violence, abuse and/or neglect, including Child Sexual Assault

Community Health is proposing to enhance an existing therapeutic space to fit the requirements of trauma informed care.


Round 24 – September 2022

Winner Description Prize
Alan Miller

COOL Helmets for Happy Heads

Designing and Manufacturing new types of Helmets for patients who require post-operative head protection for craniectomy using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and State-of-the-art 3D Printing.

Erin Kerr

Co-designing and co-facilitating online early childhood nutrition

The Healthy Beginnings and Connecting the Dots teams will partner with the Cultural Support Program to (1) adapt, develop, and translate parenting workshops with Arabic and Mongolian communities and (2) co-facilitate workshops with cultural support workers.

Andrea Alano

Don’t blame it on the boogie

The aim of this innovation is to alleviate the burden of BPSD to patients, families/carers, and staff through music therapy, using the music app “Vera” which provides music that is personally significant and patient-centred thus making it more meaningful and effective.


Round 23 – June 2022

Winner Description Prize
Mark Greenhalgh

Fathers – are they the forgotten parent in NICU?

A bespoke program for NICU fathers – designed and implemented by fathers for fathers and redesign of the images within the neonatal unit to demonstrate more involvement of fathers

Samantha Hocking

MyVLED app - supporting patients in obesity management

In this project we plan to develop a customised app to support our virtual VLED program. The MyVLED app will enable remote patient monitoring using weight loss and exercise tracking, improve safety monitoring through the remote monitoring of blood pressure and blood glucose levels and encourage program adherence by using reminders, direct messaging and the provision of educational content


Round 22 – March 2022

Winner Description Prize
Sonia Sawant

HeartBeat – be heart smart 

HeartBeat is an interactive Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation solution (smartphone/tablet application) which will enable our department to provide patient-centred care from home for a more flexible, convenient and engaging experience.

Bonnie Fonti

Virtual newborn family support: empowering CALD family centred care through multimedia education

The project aims to utilise digital technology and develop six culturally responsive videos targeted for families in five languages (Nepali, Mongolian, Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese) and including six culturally appropriate videos for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Parents will be able to access these at any time point while in newborn care and also once they go home.

Veronica Wong

Improving health outcomes via digitally-enabled care in patients with diabetes using insulin therapies

We propose a purpose-built mobile app that will assist patients and clinicians to effectively manage at-risk patients on insulin, improve treatment adherence and build stronger therapeutic relationships.


Round 21 – September 2020

Winner Description Prize
Oyku Dalci

Brace Yourself for a New Future with AI

The project utilises an innovative treatment model using an artificial intelligence supported technology called Dental Monitoring to remotely examine and monitor orthodontic patients. This will reduce the need to travel in order to attend eligibility assessment appointments and frequent face-to-face appointments which are part of treatment in the traditional model, thereby improve quality of care in a cost effective, timely and efficient manner that is beneficial to both the patient and their families as well as the public dental services.

Aimee Nicholls

Group in a box

The project team aims to create multiple bespoke boxes that contain ready to go group activities for use with clients and nurses on the Missenden Acute Unit. They will contain all the relevant information and resources to quickly commence and run therapeutic and fun groups. Group in a Box will allow for nursing run groups to be facilitated regardless of the time or day.

Karen Richa

Culturally designed breast screening shawls to be worn by Aboriginal women in BreastScreen Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) to encourage an increase in participation in mammogram screening

Our project aims to increase awareness about the importance of screening for the early detection of cancer and to make the screening experience more culturally inclusive and positive. The proposal is to design a shawl which will act as a modest garment, which will be worn while the women are being screened.

Luke Gordon
Ryan Downey

Reusable and transparent face masks with N95 respirator to improve interpersonal communication in healthcare

Our established collaboration between the University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, known as APPEAR, aims to rapidly prototype and evaluate a reusable and transparent N95 face mask for use in healthcare settings


Round 20 – September 2019

Winner Description Prize



GeriCO-V Geriatric CO-management of older Vascular patients

Development of a new model of care, “GeriCO-V Geriatric CO-management of older Vascular patients” will be implemented. This is an innovative co-management model of care that is integrated, patient-centred and team-based for older vascular surgery patients.

Monique Thompson

Urine for a change: Introducing a new tool to measure urine output on the wards

The project will facilitate the development of the pitch pan, a new tool to measure the urine output of inpatients on the ward.

Zia Tayebjee, Daniela Lewkowicz

Parent Supporters: an innovative approach to supporting vulnerable families in SLHD involved with the child protection system

This project will implement peer support to the Sydney Local health District  Pregnancy Family Conferencing (PFC) Program for pregnant women and their families where significant child protection concerns have been identified for the unborn baby.

Eugenia Szuba

Dentarterie - The Art in Dental

Dentarterie  aims to use art to improve patient’s overall experience, reduce episodes of anxiety and stress and engage patients and their carers whilst waiting for their appointment at Sydney Dental hospital (SDH). Dentarterie is a patient-centred initiative with a goal to create social inclusion, improve patient and carer satisfaction and the overall quality of care delivered.


Round 19 – June 2019

Winner Description Prize
Alex Saxby

The EarPhone Project

The project is looking at the feasibility of the EarPhone to empower local Aboriginal health workers with the skills to assess their community and then share that information with a central ENT service, such as Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. If successful, then the system is very scalable to other communities in and around NSW.


Sheila Sivam,

Ruth Dentice

The “You Matter” Equal Access to Cystic Fibrosis Care Initiative

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital presently has the largest adult Cystic Fibrosis (CF) service in NSW. Adult CF patients are living longer and now outnumber the paediatric CF population. Up to 80% of our patients live out of the Sydney Local Health District and up to 40% live in Telehealth eligible areas. Many patients living in these areas are unable to obtain access to regular multi-disciplinary CF care. This Project

Rheannwynn Sneesby

Innovation Communication

To develop and facilitate innovative child protection specific communication simulations to build capacity for all frontline health care workers.


Round 18 – March 2019

Winner Description Prize

Sinead Ni Bhraonain

Tracy Millen


70 day challenge to Sydney Local Health District to #EndPjParalysis.
By getting our patients up, dressed and moving, it prevents deconditioning. It results in less falls, less infections and less pressure injuries. It promotes patient well-being. It allows them to return home sooner.

Nina Mather

Walker Adolescent Unit Therapeutic Garden and Relaxation Space

To create a large open space that can be utilised individually for improved daily function, as well as to be utilised as a therapy and group space for sensory integration, relaxation and de-escalation.


Round 17 – November 2018

Winner Description Prize
Amy Bonnefin

The Fuss Free Mealtime Rap

Building on previous developed resources for parents and educators for fussy eating, a common problem during childhood.  A children's storybook rhyme has been written for the project and will be recorded as a "rap" song for children to be available for all Early Childhood Education and care Services (ECES)  and primary schools.

Kelly Lewis

See, Touch, Communicate.    A solution for voiceless patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

This project aims is to develop a customised iPad App to help ICU patients initiate and participate in conversation.

Clare Arnott

Hypertension in Pregnancy and Cardiovascular Disease App- bridging the gap for women

Propose the project is the  development of a post-partum Cardiac App to educate women, empower them and monitor their post-partum risk factors. This tool could also act as a powerful interface between hospital care and general practice, bridging the gap and offering women long term support and care. No such tool currently exists.


Round 16 September 2018

Winner Description Prize
Tara Finnie

'Wake- Sense' - Awakening the senses of cognitively impaired patients on Wakefield Ward.

Create a sensory area in the Wakefiled Ward at Balmain Hospital where all patients can go, but especially an area for patients with cognitive Impairment to feel safe, comfortable and participate in sensory activities that are applicable to their needs.

Daniel Carayannis

Ortho Sonata

This project seeks to make the entire perioperative experience for all our patients more relaxing, while maximising the likelihood that patients undergoing orthopaedic procedures under regional anaesthesia will require minimal if any strong sedative medication, so generally improving the speed and quality of their recovery, by planning to have patients offered music or video via an iPad and noise-cancelling headphones from their arrival into the theatre complex through to their discharge from recovery ward, including during the surgery if undergoing surgery under regional anaesthesia. .


Round 15 – June 2018

Winner Description Prize
Phil Kelly

Computer Guided Dental Surgeries and Restorations - Dentistry's Step Into the Next Century

This innovation takes a further step forward to increase precision and predictability in dental care.




The Sydney Triage to Admission Risk Tool (START2) Study

Development of world-first using AI idecision making tool that assists senior clinicians in ED to improve  patient flow,  improve of quality of care and patient outcomes.


Round 14 – March 2018

Winner Description Prize
Naomi James

Improving Patient Access to Gold Standard Treatment for Venous Leg Ulcers

This innovation explores the introduction of an Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) machine to facilitate the early intervention of compression therapy and ensure best practice in the management of Venous Leg ulcers

Jenna Paul

Smile * sparkle * shine: bring the sparkle into paediatric dental visits through interactive technology

This innovation looks at the introduction of an interactive art table and a tooth-brushing bay in the clinical area to counteract high levels of anxiety in Dental Hospital peadiatric patients

Sarah Jacek

Pinball Wizards (aka Angry Men Like to Destroy Things)

Purchase a pinball machine for CCMH IPCU as a therapeutic intervention for individuals at any stage of their functional recovery.


Round 13 – November 2017

Winner Description Prize
Lucy Garrett

The Future of Saebo is SLHD is within our grasp

Orthosis to improve the upper limb function

Nick Glozier

Lighting Up Care: A transdiagnostic innovative intervention addressing sleep-wake disruption on inpatient psychiatric wards

A trans diagnostic innovative intervention addressing sleep-wake disruption on inpatient psychiatric wards


Round 12 – September 2017

Winner Description Prize



TAILS (Therapy Animal Intervention in Sydney Local Health Service): An Innovative approach: This project looks at Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) as a form of Nidotherapy

This project looks at Animal Assisted Therapy as a form of Nidotherapy




Reducing the impact of infection on infants born preterm

This project aims to use inflammatory markers in amniotic fluid to diagnose Chorioamnionitis


Round 11 – June 2017

Winner Description Prize
Hamish MacDougall

Virtual Reality ‘A10D’ (Attendee) Service for Hospitalised Patients

A technology to provide virtual patient transport and attendance at important events for hospitalised patients.

Kai-Hsun Hsiao

We care with Flu-C.A.RE : InFLUenza outbreak Communication, Advice and REporting App

An App for InFLUenza outbreak Communication, Advice and REporting


Round 10 – March 2017

Winner Description Prize
Louise Ward

BPT OK - Pilot Program - Improving the Health and Well Being of our Basic Physician Trainees

Improving the Health and Well Being of our Basic Physician Trainees with multifaceted training program interventions.

Melissa Cain

Same Same, NOT Different: – Streamlining the approach to home modifications in partnership with the Department of Family & Community Services in the City of Sydney

Streamlining the approach to home modifications in partnership with the Department of Family & Community Services in the City of Sydney

Gillian Taylor

Hear to teach, see to learn! Using portable AV devices to supervise and teach multiple students in a clinical setting

Using portable AV devices to supervise and teach multiple students in a clinical setting


Round 9 – November 2016

Winner Description Prize



Why just weight? Driving better nutrition outcomes through innovation

This innovation aims to use Medical Body Composition Analysis scales to allow clinicians to measure weight, lean muscle and fat mass on a standing weight scale with hand rails.

Andrea Firgau

Tranquillity versus tranquilizer

Installation of wall murals at Ward 5 East at CRGH who provide 24 hour holistic medical and nursing care for Oncology, Haematology and Palliative Care patients

Priya Gnanakumaran

Breaking through the language barrier

This idea aims to produce an exercise video to help instruct non-English speaking patients in common physiotherapy exercises, which aim to improve recovery

Zanab Malik

Special aids for special needs

Purchase tools (chain weighted blankets, sensory tools, specialised pillows, spectacle‐mounted fibre‐optic headlights and iPads) to enhance the quality of dental services offered to the patients of the Department of Special Care Dentistry (SCD) at SDH


Round 8 – June 2016

Winner Description Prize
Sandeep Gupta

The use of activPAL®, an accelerometer, to monitor and increase patient activity in rehabilitation

This innovation aims to improve patient activity levels and achievement of patient set goals by using an accelerometer called ActivPAL

Christine Canty

A bright start for all bubs

This innovation aims to increase the rates of breast feeding mother’s whose babies have been removed due to drug use in pregnancy.

Jessica Lamond

Keeping the voice alive! Technology to support implementation of best practice Speech Pathology treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

This innovation explores the use of LSVT LOUD, a speech treatment with evidence and established efficacy for treating voice and speech disorders in people with Parkinson’s Disease


Round 7 – February 2016

Winner Description Prize
Elaine Mc Gloin

Walkin' Down the Line/ I Walk the Line

This innovative proposal wants to reduce the stress associated with having a family member in the ICU through the use of way finding tools


Julia McLeish

Michelle Davey

A labor of love- refurbishment of the level 7 lounge

This team would like to provide a modern, inviting and comfortable space for families to facilitate patient and family education and engagement

David Gattas

RPA's extraordinary and death-defying ECMO CPR team can save cardiac arrest patients and show the world what SLHD can achieve

This project became a collaborative  national and international partnership to generate a model of integrated care for patients suffering sudden cardiac arrest or acute heart failure requiring extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).



Tsuann Lee

CoMPACT- Customisable Multilingual Patient Assessment Communication Tool

This innovation is customisable multilingual patient assessment communication tool to ensure the best quality care is received by all patients regardless of language barriers


Round 6 – November 2015

Winner Description Prize
Vanessa Clift

Putting fun back into waiting!

Create a child-friendly waiting area at Croydon Community Health Centre to promote physical play and improve client satisfaction with the service.

John Graeme Eastwood

Building a Spatial Portal for Access to Community, Health and Social Services Data

This innovation will provide the ultimate medium for spatial data and information collaboration across community, health and social organisations that will help identify problem areas, and plan for targeted preventative measures or solutions.


Round 5 – August 2015

Winner Description Prize
Gzregorz Tomczak

Striving For A Rate Of Zero

Purchase simulation equipment to educate and accredit staff through regular and responsive training in correct care of central venous access devices

Amanda Kassis

Our Community’ Waterloo & Redfern Drug and Alcohol Aboriginal Youth Project

A structured 12 week Program in creative photography and film as a platform for engaging with young Aboriginal people on drug and alcohol abuse in the community

Payal Mukherjee

Medicine in 3D

This innovation proposes the application of 3D printing and 3D Augmented Reality on smart phones to help educate patients and students and assist in preoperative planning of complex procedures


Round 4 – May 2015

Winner Description Prize
Sandeep Gupta

Body weight supported treadmill training during rehab

Rehabilitation treadmill with full body weight support so patients with limited weight baring alibility and/or obesity will be supported to utilise treadmill training without fear or falling or excessively heavy burden on staff.

Tim Cole

Shelf-life and the Cinderella Syndrome

Introduce a cheap and cheerful environmental monitoring system in sterile storage facilities and  purchase  equipment to support the introduction of an evidence based approach to sterilisation expiry calculation.

Wendy Vincent

Mamography sensory experience

This innovation is a multisensory stimulating apparatus to reduce the level of discomfort/pain and anxiety experienced during mammography designed to reduce the deterrent to participation in screening

Liesl Duffy

Living well: My health

Development an app to help mental health consumers monitor their cardiometabolic health indicators, track progress against lifestyle and medication changes and plan routine medical appointments.


Round 3 – February 2015

Winner Description Prize
Joel Riley


A smartphone-based tool to improve documentation, funding, and patient care


Round 2 – November 2014

Winner Description Prize



Fire Service - Training Centre

A simulation ward for structured training for clinical staff in regard to evacuation skills


Christine Parker

Susan Taggart

DEPROX Strikes back - environmental decontamination

Purchase a vapourising system that diffuses hydrogen peroxide into a closed environment to reduce multi resistant organisms


Round 1 – August 2014

Winner Description Prize
Amy Freeman-Sanderson

No time to pitch the tent: Catching up with best practice

To buy equipment to complete nasendoscopies at the patient bedside on the wards for the early identification and management of dysphagia for patients

Michael Berbari

Back to basics in Balmain’s front yard

Restorative and therapeutic garden at Balmain Hospital. The area will include a garden and grassed surface; a front yard with a gate, picket fence, front path, letterbox and wheelie bin; a back yard with a clothesline and front passenger section of a vehicle to practice car transfers; etc