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Your healthcare rights

Information for patients and visitors

Sydney Local Health District is committed to providing you with the very best care.

These are the rights you, your family and someone you care for can expect when you access our hospitals or services. These rights apply to all people in all places where health care is provided in Sydney Local Health District. You have a right to:


  • Healthcare services and treatment that meets my needs.


  • Receive safe and high quality care that meets national standards
  • Be cared for in an environment that makes you feel safe.


  • Be treated as an individual, and with dignity and respect
  • Have your culture, identity, beliefs and choices acknowledged and respected.


  • Ask questions and be involved in open and honest communication
  • Make decisions with your healthcare provider, to the extent that you choose and are able to
  • Include the people that you want in planning and decision-making.


  • Clear information about your condition, the possible benefits and risks of different tests and treatments, so you can give my informed consent
  • Receive information about services, waiting times and costs
  • Be given assistance, when you need it, to help you to understand and use health information
  • Request access to your health information
  • Be told if something has gone wrong during your health care, how it happened, how it may affect you and what is being done to make care safe.


  • Have your personal privacy respected
  • Have information about you and your health kept secure and confidential.

Give feedback

  • Provide feedback or make a complaint without it affecting the way that you are treated
  • Have your concerns addressed in a transparent and timely way
  • Share your experience and participate to improve the quality of care and health services.

Working in partnership

Good health care is best achieved in partnership between you and the health providers delivering your care. To help us provide you with better care, it is important that you:

  • Tell staff if you require more information or if there is anything you do not understand or are worried about
  • Follow your health care plan or let your health care professional know if you are unwilling or unable to do so.

Information you should tell health care staff

  • Your medical history and sometimes that of your family. This includes any health related problems, complications or reactions you have previously experienced
  • Any treatment or medications you are (or should be) taking including any complementary, natural or alternative medicines
  • Any change in your condition, including any problems you may have with any medication or treatment you are receiving
  • Any additional needs you have, including those of cultural or religious importance or as a result of disability.

Please be considerate of staff and other patients

  • Violence, swearing, threats or verbal abuse towards another patient, relative or staff member is unacceptable
  • Be aware of the needs of other patients and their privacy
  • All hospitals and health services are smoke-free zones at all times
  • Do not bring alcohol, illegal substances or weapons to any health services.

Give feedback

Our staff work hard every day to make a difference. If you would like to compliment an individual or team, you can speak to the staff member providing care, to the nurse in charge, or get in touch by phone, email or letter.

We also understand that sometimes you may have concerns or complaints. If you do not feel comfortable talking with staff, you can contact our Patient and Family Experience Officers.

Patient and Family Experience Officers

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital 02 9515 5590
Concord Hospital 02 9767 7488
Canterbury Hospital 02 9153 2077
Balmain Hospital 02 9395 2003
Sydney Dental Hospital 02 9293 3311
Mental Health Services 02 9767 8863
Drug Health Services 02 9378 1300
Community Health Services 02 9515 9541
RPA Virtual Hospital 1800325065
Aged Care Community Services 02 9767 6614

If you feel your concerns have not been adequately addressed, please contact:

Sydney Local Health District

Health Care Complaints Commission

  • Health Care Complaints Commission, by phone 020 9219 7444 or Toll Free in NSW 1800 043 159, or by email hccc@hccc.nsw.gov.au

For more information go to safetyandquality.gov.au/your-rights

Translated versions of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights second edition are available on the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care website.