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Professional Development

In Sydney Local Health District, we value our nursing and midwifery workforce and are committed to creating opportunities for staff development and career progression. We celebrate successes both large and small, we invest in research and clinical innovation and we celebrate clinical excellence and our clinical leaders.

The nurses and midwives across our district are exposed to a range of education opportunities that give them the tools to create change in the way they work and evaluate their practice.

Our nursing and midwifery leaders are empowered with overseeing the highest standard of care and professional conduct in our district. They are there to support you in your practice and in your professional development.

Sydney Education

Patient Care at Balmain Hospital
SydneyConnect: Nurse with patient at Balmain Hospital

Training and development opportunities are available to all staff to enhance their careers. Our Sydney Education service works closely with our Nursing and Midwifery Services team to provide opportunities for education in key career areas including governance, engagement, innovation, clinical skills, management, leadership, education, research and technical skills.