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Partnerships and resources

No one organisation can solve homelessness on its own. 

Department of Community and Justice has a key leadership role in many areas of homelessness and funding some specialist homelessness services. 

Specifically, the NSW homelessness service system is comprised of specialist homelessness services that provide prevention and early intervention, assertive outreach, outreach support, crisis or transitional accommodation, and post-crisis support. It also comprises the housing system that provides temporary accommodation, social or community housing and private rental assistance. 

Homelessness NSW is a not-for-profit organisation that operates as a peak agency for its member organisations (including not for profit specialist homelessness services) to end homelessness across NSW. 

Members include small, locally based community organisations, multiservice agencies with a regional reach and large state-wide service providers.

The solutions to end homelessness require a wide range of partners to demonstrate innovative solutions and advocating for action from other stakeholders including other levels of government. 

In Sydney Local Health District our plans are designed to focus on health areas under our own control and supporting key lead agencies in ending homelessness.

There are many services which lead or assist in responses to homelessness such as Department of Communities and Justice, Councils, Specialist Homeless Services, Emergency Services, Real Estate Agencies and Community Centres. 

Sydney Local Health District has well-established service partnerships with Government and Community Managed Organisations which are assisting vulnerable populations. 

Camperdown Common Ground

This is a “Housing First model” which does not require people to engage in treatment programs or prove their housing readiness as a condition of tenancy and is:

  • a service system response to homelessness, in which access to secure housing and choice over one’s housing and use of support services are considered a human right
  • an evidence based approach or methodology for assisting homeless people to access permanent housing with support as needed
  • based on the idea that people need a stable and secure home before anything else such as employment, community connections or better health care

The principles of a housing first approach are:

  • People have a right to a home 
  • Housing and support are separated in service delivery but provided together to ensure sustainable outcomes 
  • Flexible support for as long as it is needed 
  • Choice and self-determination 
  • Active engagement without coercion 
  • Social and community inclusion 
  • Recovery oriented practice 
  • Harm reduction approach

State-wide phone numbers and support services


24/7 phone line for information, assessment and, between 9am and 10pm, referrals to accommodation services including to refuges

Phone: 1800 152 152

Find a Homelessness Services


Search directory of Department of Communities and Justice funded services in Greater Sydney

Ask Izzy 


A search tool to help people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness find shelter, food, health and other critical support services

Exodus / Bill Crews Foundation

Free meals and a range of supports and outreach (based from Ashfield)

Haymarket Foundation

Homelessness services and crisis accommodation (Chippendale)

Phone: 1300 029 202

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

Provide a range of resources and fact sheets including accommodation and support information

Low Cost Accommodation List

Rental properties in the Inner West $350 or less per week (Updated Wednesdays)

Housing and homelessness supports for women

Specialist Homelessness Service – Women


Crisis accommodation and case management for women and their families in Greater Sydney

Crisis Accommodation for Women

Inner West women’s refuges contact details

Women’s and Girl’s Emergency Centre

Crisis accommodation, housing and case management for women and their families

Phone: 02 9319 4088

St Vincent De Paul (Women and Domestic violence) 

Crisis accommodation and case management for women and their families

Phone: 02 9560 2656

The Girls Refuge


Crisis refuge for girls and young women

Phone: 02 9564 3638

Housing and homelessness support for young people


Provides free, safe and confidential support, counselling and health services for young people in Sydney Local Health District aged 12-24

Phone: 02 9562 5640

Specialist Homelessness Service – Youth


Directory of Department of Communities and Justice funded services in Greater Sydney

Youth Off the Streets

Crisis accommodation, transitional housing, case management and financial help for young people

Phone: 02 8217 4700

WEAVE Youth and Community Services

Caseworkers, safety planning and financial help for young people

Phone: 02 9699 9036

State-wide organisations (funding, policy and advocacy)

Department of Communities and Justice


Information about and contacts for child protection, homelessness services and programs

Email: shsprogram@dcj.nsw.gov.au

Phone: 1800 152 152 (Link2home) or The Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (if you are a mandatory reporter please call 133 627)

Homeless NSW


Advocacy to support effective service delivery to those who are experiencing homelessness, have experienced homelessness or are at risk of homelessness

Email: admin@homelessnessnsw.org.au

Phone: 1800 152 152 (Link2home)

Moving Forward

Helping women and children move forward from domestic and family violence. Case management, practical support and groups

Caseworkers / social workers and practical support


Social workers who do short-term counselling, information and referrals to support services

Phone: 13 28 50

Family violence

NSW Domestic Violence Line

24/7 telephone counselling and referrals to women experiencing domestic violence           

Phone: 1800 656 463


24 hour counselling and support service including accommodation

Phone: 1800 737 732

Staying Home Leaving Violence

Support program for people experiencing domestic violence to remain in their homes

Phone: 02 9699 9036

Support for Aboriginal women

Aboriginal Women’s and Children’s Crisis Service


Casework, support and accommodation for Aboriginal women and women with Aboriginal children

Phone: 02 9558 1702

Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Centre

Legal advice and court support for Aboriginal women and their families

Phone: 02 9569 3847 or 1800 686 587

Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Women’s Centre

Drop-in support for Aboriginal women and their families

Phone: 02 9698 1173

Support for LGBTQI+ people



Counselling, resources, family support and groups for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people

Phone: 02 9206 2000 or 1800 063 060

The Gender Centre

Support, counselling, casework and accommodation for transgender and gender diverse people

Phone: 02 9519 7599


Housing, counselling, case management for LGBTIQ young people

Phone: 02 8594 9555

Technology safety

Women’s Online Safety and Privacy Toolkit A toolkit for women experiencing tech abuse to learn how they can increase their technology safety and privacy