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Hostel Accommodation

The hospital has an onsite hostel that provides accommodation for patients who are self-caring, independent and are: 

  • Required to remain on campus for various reasons (for example, dressing education or dialysis treatment).
  • Live outside Sydney metropolitan area who are required to be admitted to the hospital by 7am the next day.
  • To attend a doctor’s appointment within Concord Hospital campus only (external appointments are not eligible).

Carers of critically ill patients, who live outside of the Sydney metropolitan area and who are required to be frequently available to support the patient may access accommodation for a maximum of three nights.

Hostel Location:

Level 6, Building 75, Concord Hospital

Single and twin rooms with communal bathroom facilities are available. Amenities include kitchen facilities, a communal dining and television room and fully equipped laundry. Linen is provided.