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For Health Care Providers

We work closely with Health Care Providers on:

  • Health promotion programs and initiatives
  • Client referrals
  • Program training
  • In-language support

Healthy Ageing Programs

Our Referral Process

If you are treating clients who have had a fall in the last year, or are at risk of a fall, please refer them to the Stepping On Program. Please note the exclusion criteria for this program.

If you have clients who you feel may benefit from general lifestyle support and physical activity, please refer them to the NSW Health - Active and Healthy website for information on free online learning and home-based exercises.

Healthy Ageing Program Presentations

You can also book our Healthy Ageing team to come and deliver presentations to your health staff about our healthy ageing programs and referral process. To find out more, or to be added to our communications email list, please contact SLHD-HEAL@health.nsw.gov.au

Program Delivery Training

Healthy and Active for Life Program Delivery Training

Training is provided for physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and Certificate IV fitness professionals who are interested in facilitating a Healthy and Active for Life program.

Training sessions cover:

  • One full day training provided by Ministry of Health
  • All resources

Potential facilitators will need to:

  • Have experience working with older adults in a group setting
  • Have a qualification in physiotherapy, exercise physiology or Certificate IV fitness

Training is also available for Healthy and Active for Life Online program.

Stepping on Program Delivery Training

Training is provided for health or fitness professionals who are interested in facilitating a Stepping On program.

Training sessions cover:

  • One full day training provided by Ministry of Health
  • A half day of local training provided by Sydney Local Health District
  • All resources

Potential facilitators will need to:

  • Have experience working with older adults in a group setting.
  • Attend a Stepping On Program as a Co-Facilitator prior to delivering a Stepping On program.

For more information on program delivery training, please contact our team at SLHD-Heal@health.nsw.gov.au

Developing Multilingual Resources

It is important that we support and meet the needs of our culturally diverse population by developing and offering information in different languages.

Multilingual Posters
SydneyConnect Image: In-language posters.

The Diversity Programs and Strategy Hub multilingual workforce is trained to develop simple, non-medical, non-legal health information in other languages. Common examples include the development of in-language posters, flyers and materials for education programs. 

All of our multilingual resources are carefully reviewed to ensure they are easily understood by the culturally and linguistically diverse communities we serve. To find out more about in-language development in our District, please contact SLHD-DiversityHub@health.nsw.gov.au

For enquiries that require the translation of complex, technical, medical or legal content, please contact the Sydney Health Care Interpreter Service at SLHD-Interpreters@health.nsw.gov.au

Breast Cancer Concierge Program

The Breast Cancer Concierge program provides one-to-one, in-language telephone support to women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Patients participating in the program are matched with a staff member (concierge) who speaks their language, understands their cultural background, and is trained to provide health system navigation support.

The program is currently available to support women from six language groups including:

  • Arabic
  • Cantonese
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Vietnamese

The program is an ongoing collaboration between Diversity Programs and Strategy Hub and Sydney Local Health District Cancer Services (previously a pilot program funded by the Cancer Institute NSW).

To refer your patients to this service, call us at 02 9515 1234 or email SLHD-DiversityHub@health.nsw.gov.au

HIV Client Support Program (in-language)

The HIV Client Support Program provides support to people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities who are affected by HIV.

Who is the program for?

Anyone who has a HIV diagnosis and needs in-language support.

What is covered?

Our clients are matched to a bi-lingual/bi-cultural Cultural Support Worker. The Cultural Support Worker understands the culture and language needs of their clients; the meaning of a HIV diagnosis; and how the health system works in Australia.

Our team works with the client to provide emotional support, improve health literacy and understanding of HIV. We support ongoing treatment and care, normalise and de-stigmatise living with HIV, and systems navigation.

The HIV Cultural Support Program protects individual’s privacy and confidentiality, and is available across New South Wales.

Referral process

To refer your patients to the service, or to find out more, please call us at 02 9515 1234 or email SLHD-DiversityHub@health.nsw.gov.au

HIV and Hepatitis C Outreach Clinics

Our Priority Populations Programs team offer HIV and hepatitis C testing and treatment in the community, for example at community centres, homeless services, community correction services, pharmacies, private methadone clinics and at various locations with our District mobile health van.

Our outreach team includes our clinical partners so that anyone we meet on outreach can be linked to treatment and care seamlessly.

Hepatitis C Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) Program

We are a research site for the Australian Hepatitis C Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) Program. We can provide a hepatitis C test with results provided on the same day.

Visit the National Australian Hepatitis C Point-of-Care Testing Program website for more information or contact our team at SLHD-PriorityPopulationsPrograms@health.nsw.gov.au

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