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Environmental Health and Sustainability

Sydney Sustainability Program

Sydney Sustainability Program

Sydney Local Health District has an aspiration to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The Sydney Sustainability Program demonstrates our strong commitment to become an environmentally responsible, sustainable, adaptable and resilient organisation.

While healthcare is central to protecting and improving the health of our community, it also has a responsibility to ensure that the environmental impact of our services are minimised.

Sustainability comes in many forms including energy and water efficiency and reduction, procurement, waste minimisation, recycling and re-use programs, and through the design of our built environments.

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network

In 2021, Sydney Local Health District became one of 1450 members in 72 countries to join the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network as a sign of our commitment to sustainability in healthcare.

The Network is a global organisation whose members are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of the healthcare sector. There are 1450 members in 72 countries.

Every member must commit to at least two of the Network’s 10 goals which are designed to deliver environmentally sustainable healthcare.

Sustainable future

The District’s Sustainability Committee has identified eight key action areas and is collaborating with teams across our facilities and services to introduce sustainability initiatives that reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint, and further progress our health care services toward a circular economy.

The eight action areas are Governance, Energy, Water, Procurement, Transport, Food, Waste and Capital Works.

Sustainability key focus areas
Diagram: Sustainability – eight action areas

Our current programs include recycling, including aluminum, sterile wrap, batteries, PVC and furniture; sustainable procurement; hybrid vehicles in our fleet; plant propagation.

Solar panels RPA
SydneyConnect Image: Solar Panels, Robotics Training Centre, RPA Hospital