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Stay Healthy this Winter: Top up Your COVID-19 vaccine for Added Protection

A new initiative is urging diverse community members to boost their COVID-19 protection to stay in good health during the winter season.

In recent weeks, NSW has witnessed a surge in confirmed COVID-19 cases. In just 7 days leading up to 11 May, there were 12,980 new cases confirmed in NSW.

‘With winter approaching, viruses tend to spread more easily, and people spend more time indoors. These factors increase the risk of people falling sick, leading to increasing COVID-19 cases,’ said Barbara Luisi, Director of Diversity Programs and Strategy Hub.

‘This is why it is important to remind our community members to check their vaccine status now and make sure they are fully protected from COVID-19.’

 The ‘Stay Healthy in Winter’ campaign, initiated by Diversity Programs and Strategy Hub of Sydney Local Health District, offers in-language education sessions to diverse communities in Sydney Local Health District and South Eastern Sydney Local Health District. The session covers various topics including maintaining healthy lifestyles and latest COVID-19 vaccine recommendations.

The Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network (CESPHN) has provided funding for this project. 

As per the latest guidelines, all adults can get a 2023 COVID-19 vaccine booster if it’s been six months or longer since their last booster or confirmed infection (whichever is most recent) for additional protection against severe illness from COVID-19. For further guidance on COVID-19 booster vaccines, please refer to the NSW Government website. 

‘COVID-19 vaccines are free for everyone,’ added Ms Luisi. ‘We particularly urge people aged 65 and above and those at higher risk of severe illness to talk to their GP or visit their local pharmacy to get their COVID-19 vaccine booster dose.’ 

If you are interested in arranging an educational session on ‘Stay healthy in winter’ for your local community, please contact Jennie Vien at Jennie.Vien@health.nsw.gov.au. For media interviews in language, please contact Lili Sun at lili.sun@health.nsw.gov.au.

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