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Healthy and Active for Life Online

Healthy and Active for Life Online is a free 10-week healthy lifestyle program for adults aged 60 years and over (45+ years for Aboriginal people).

This is an online module-based learning program with weekly phone support provided by our qualified staff.

    Who is the program for

    • Adults who are over 60 years old (over 45 years for Aboriginal people) and living independently
    • Anyone not attending regular exercise groups
    • Currently only available in English

    Topics covered

    The program will help you learn how to make small, sustainable changes in your lifestyle to improve your health. It covers lots of topics including healthy eating and physical activity. No prior knowledge or exercise experience is required.

    During this program, we discuss:

    • Healthy plate and serving sizes
    • Goal setting
    • Sugar, fat, salt, label reading
    • Calcium and vitamin D
    • Fibre and incontinence

    Participants will be:

    • Provided with detailed instructions on how to do the exercises to continue at home and factsheets on the various nutrition topics.
    • Actively referred to the Get Healthy Service and supported to continue with the exercises as part of the coaching for a further 6 months.
    • Encouraged to join a local community-based exercise program.

    How to sign up

    The 10-week program begins at the start of each school term.

    Visit Healthy and Active for Life Online to learn more and register for this program. For more information, contact our team at SLHD-Heal@health.nsw.gov.au